A band that could not be

Iago was a band i started with my father

I brought in Dan Hillman and the  drummer Tom 'Ash'Ashcroft who where joining Brakelight

We quickly invited the destined Crash Gears Guitarist, James Leighton, in alongside the talented vocalist Darcy Humphreys

However, after 13 gigs the band fell apart...

On the 29th of September 201,4, the band split.

I wish it could of been about something like money, we could of fixed that. But too many people pulled in too many directions without compromise.

We rotted from the inside out

We hadn't learnt how to be a band yet. With the exception of my dad and James, this was all new to us. 

We were just pushing each other and despite our success and individual talents, we were doomed.

Now, Years later, we all talk once and a while and a while but are yet to perform as Iago,  the  closest being  the 'Patchwork' line up.

With tensions high, the fallout wasn't pretty and it effected the web of bands each member was associated with, causing a temporary hiatus in Brakelight...

A 2016 Reunion was planned...

But nothing came of it

Nemo me impune lacessit.



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