Thomas Hiscocks

Alongside his talent for singing, Hawk is a fanastic teacher. He teaches guitar, Ukulele and singing.

He can be reached at and I could not reccomend him more.

Thomas Hiscocks, As seen in:

Brakelight, The Crash Gears, Idle Sky, Patchwork, The Thomas Hiscocks Blues Experience, Warminster Ukulele Club and Wyndjammers.

Nickname:              Hawk

Favourite Food:       Thai red vegetable curry

Favourite Drink:      Whiskey & Ginger

Favourite Band:       Black Sabbath

Favourite Quote:      "...and maybe if you want

                                  to find the secrets of the

                                  universe, think in terms

                                  of energy, frequency and

                                  vibration." - Nikola Tesla

"When recuiting a line-up for The Crash Gears Al Garrett (Drummer, The Crash Gears, 2014-2018) said he knew of a singer with pipes of thunder and a wizard on the keys. We emailed back and forth, orginized a rehearsal at Al's garage and i was blown away. The first song we played was Elivis' 'Hound Dog'. I actually came in about 3 seconds late from suprise. The dude can really belt it.

I'd been looking for a proper singer in Brakelight for years. I asked, he accecpted and he was in both bands within the space of 2 weeks."

                                                 - Thomas Noke 2016