Martin Noke

Nickname:                Knok

Favourite Food:       Steak and Noodles

Favourite Drink:      Coffee

Favourite Band:       Led Zeppelin

Favourite Quote:     " Onwards...To

                                    Glory...with the

                                    slight possiblity of

                                    cake."                                              - Martin Noke

"Musically my parents have had a large influence on me, they played only the best music to me when i was a kid...its been their confidence and encoragement that helped me learn bass and form bands... my dad has been the foundation on which i formed my first few bands."

                                             - Thomas Noke 2016

Martin Noke, As seen in:

Blockage, The Blue Fish, The Botox Brothers, The Crash Gears, Iago and Patchwork.