PrEvIoUs UK GigS:

2018 -

Brakelight -

27th July                     The Trinity, Bath

8th July                       Lange Fest, Frome 

19th May                     The Trout, Keynsham

12th May                     The Trojan Horse, Westbury

13th April                    The Trinity, Bath

16th Mar                     The Cons Club, Westbury

17th Feb                      Prestbury Sports Bar, Warminster

9th Feb                       The Trojan Horse, Westbury

26th Jan                      The Trout, Keynsham

The Crash Gears -

18th Aug                     The Prestbury, Warminster

14th July                     The Trout, Keynsham

30th June                    Wedding, 

16th June                    Show n Shine, Westbury

2nd June                     Private event, Warminster

26th May                     The Sun Inn, Frome

21st Apr                      The Rose and Crown, Warminster

14th Apr                      King William Hotel

7th Apr                        The Five Bells, Salisbury

9th Mar                       The Trout, Keynsham

27th Jan                      The Sun Inn, Frome

Padrat - 1 Gig

14th June                    The Nest, Bath

Sound Tech Work -

20th July                     Salisbury Rugby Club, Salisbury

12th July                     Memorial Hall, Maiden Bradley

17th June                    Memorial Hall, Dilton Marsh

2017 - 48 Gigs              

Brakelight - 17 Gigs

23rd Dec                      The White Swan, Trowbridge

7th Oct                        Prince Of Wales, Dilton Marsh

6th Oct                        Tory Club, Westbury

23rd Sep                      Trout, Keynsham

19th Aug                      Trout Fest, Keynsham

12th Aug                      Greyhound, Midsomer Norton

12th Aug                      Private Event, Sutton Veny

11 Aug                         Trinity, Bath

(Tom Ashcroft on leave for health reasons. Ellis Tucker is standing in.)

14th July                      Clivey Fest, Dilton Marsh

2nd July                       Lange Fest, Frome (Without Tom                                     Ashcroft, With Ellis Tucker)

1st July                        Dolphin, Oldland Common,Bristol                                     (Without Tom Ashcroft, With Ellis                                     Tucker)

29th Apr                       Masons Back Bar, Warminster

21th Apr                       Tory Club, Westbury

14th Apr                       Masons Back Bar, Warminster

8th Apr                         Three Horseshoes, Chapmanslade

1st Apr                         Trout Tavern, Keynsham

10th Feb                       The Trinity, Bath

The Crash Gears - 27 Gigs

30th Dec                      The Crown Inn, Westbury

9th Dec                        Private Event, Westbury

25th Nov                      The Cock Inn, Warminster

18th Nov                      The Trout, Keynsham

5th Nov                        Five Bells, Salisbury

21st Oct                       Mt. Pleasant, Bradford On Avon

30th Sep                      Rose & Crown, Warminster

15th Sep                      Steak & Lobster, Trowbridge

9th Sep                        Pig & Whistle, Melksham

8th Sep                        Private Party, Warminster

27th Aug                      The Crown, Westbury

26th Aug                      Prestbury, Warminster

19th Aug                      Trout Fest, Keynsham

18th Aug                      The Artisan, Frome

22nd July                     The Farmhouse, Southwick

22nd July                     The Three Daggers, Eddington

16th July                      Inspire, Warminster

8th July                        Steak and Lobster, Trowbridge

23th June                      Royal Oak, Marlborough

28th Apr                       Trout Tavern, Keynsham

22nd Apr                      Five Bells, Salisbury

15th Apr                       The Prestbury, Warminster
7th Apr                         The Trinity, Bath
11th Mar                       Pig & Whistle. Melksham.
25th Feb                       Rose & Crown, Warminster
14th Jan                       Trout Tavern, Keynsham

7th Jan                         The Riverside, Midsomer Norton

                                   (Without Pat Kriwan)

Outline - 1 Gig


19th May                      Bristol O2 Academy

                                   (With Ellis Tucker on drums)

The Georgia Turnbull Band - 1 Gig


19th May                      Bristol O2 Academy

                                   (With Harry Cook on Keys and

                                    with Micheal Dance on Drums)

Patchwork - 2 Gigs

26th May                      The Masons Arms, Warminster.

20th May                      Rose & Crown, Warminster

2016 - 46 Gigs

Brakelight - 19 Gigs

31st Dec                        Rose & Crown, Warminster

17th Dec                       Prince of Wales, Dilton Marsh.

9th Dec                         Mason Arms, Warminster

17th Sep                       Lange Memorial, POW, Dilton


16th Sep                       Tory Club, Westbury,

3rd Sep                        White Swan, Trowbridge

2nd Sep                        The Masons Arms, Warminster.

13th Aug                       The Red Lion, Paulton

6th Aug                         Somerset Arms, Maiden Bradley

30th July                       The Trinity, Bath

8th July                         Cliveyfest,  Dilton Marsh.

25th Jun                        Charlies, Westbury.

10th Jun                        Prince of Wales, Dilton Marsh.

4th Jun                         Garden, Lisa,  Dilton Marsh

28th May 2016              The Masons Arms, Warminster.

27th May 2016              The Tory Club, Westbury.
1st Apr 2016                 Matt Black Rat, Bruce Arms,                                      Pewsey,

18th Mar 2016              The Stallards, Trowbridge.

19th Feb 2016               Prince of Wales (Without Tom                                      Ashcroft, With Paul Anderson)

The Crash Gears - 25 Gigs

16th Dec                       The White Swan, Trowbridge

10th Dec                       The Crown, Westbury
4th Nov                        Tory Club, Westbury

27th Oct                       Dolphin, Oldlands, Bristol.

15th Oct                       Rose & Crown, Warminster

15th Oct                       HopFest, Three Daggers,


3rd Sep                        Steaminster, Warminster Park.

20th Aug                      The Artisan, Frome.

20th Aug                      Troutfest, Keynsham.

19th Aug                      Jean’s Party, Warminster.

29thJuly                       Rose & Crown, Warminster.

9th July                        Cliveyfest,  Dilton Marsh.

24th Jun                       The Trout Tavern, Keynsham.
21st May 2016             The White Swan, Trowbridge.
20th May 2016             The Bell Shepton Mallet.
14th May 2016             Rose & Crown, Warminster.
29th Apr 2016              Warminster FC, Private party.
7th Apr 2016                The Crown, Ludgershall.
1st Apr 2016                Matt Black Rat, Bruce Arms, 

                                   Pewsey, (Without James Leighton.

                                   With Dan Hillman)
26th Mar 2016              Rose & Crown, Warminster.
12th Mar 2016              The Anchor, Warminster.
11th Mar 2016              The Tory Club, Westbury.
26th Feb 2016              The Trout Tavern, Keynsham.
20th Feb 2016              Mount Pleasant, Bradford-on-Avon
16th Jan 2016              The Yew Tree, Warminster.

DANS- 1 Gig

4th May 2016               Bevoir Castle, Bath

Where's Morroco? - 1 Gig

13th Apr 2016              Hobgoblin, Bath

2015 - 32 Gigs:               

Brakelight - 11 Gigs

12th Dec 2015                  Brewery, Holt. 

11th Dec 2015                  The Cock Inn, Warminster.

20th Nov 2015                 Labour Club, Westbury.

14th Nov 2015                 Prince Of Wales, Dilton Marsh.

13th Nov 2015                 The Cock Inn, Warminster.

23rd Oct 2015                 The Cock Inn, Warminster.

21st Aug 2015                 Prince of Wales, Dilton Marsh.

25th July 2015                 The Pilot, Bowerhill

10th July 2015                 Cliveyfest, Dilton Marsh

28th June 2015                Stallards, Trowbridge

5th June 2015                  Prince of Wales, Dilton Marsh.

The Crash Gears - 21Gigs

19th Dec 2015                 The Bell, Chalford.

4th Dec 2015                   The Crown, Westbury.

21st Nov 2015                 Rose & Crown, Warminster.

6th Nov  2015                 Tory Club, Westbury

25th Oct 2015                 Wellington Barn Wedding.

10th Oct 2015                 The Yew Tree

9th Oct 2015                   The Cock Inn, Warminster

26th Sep 2015                 Rose & Crown, Warminster.

25th Sep 2015                 The Duke, Bratton.

12th Sep 2015                 Mount Pleasant, Bradford OA.

22nd Aug 2015                Charlies Bar, Westbury.

22nd Aug 2015                Buckfest, Buckland Dinham.

26th July 2015                 Rose & Crown, Warminster.

11th July 2015                 Cliveyfest, Dilton Marsh
3rd July 2015                  The Angel Inn, Westbury
22nd June 2015               St Andrews Church, Mells
20th June 2015                Hunters Moon, Warminster
23rd May 2015                WurzrlDubs Festival, Fiddington.
17th Apr 2015                 Rye Hill Barn, Longbridge

21st Mar 2015                 Rose & Crown, Warminster.
28th Feb 2015                 Tom’s 21st, Warminster Town

                                      Football Club


Iago - 13 gigs

5th Sep 2014                  Old Bear, 1st Anniversary,


22nd Aug 2014               Charlies Bar, Westbury

12th July 2014                Cliveyfest, Dilton Marsh.

5th July 2014                  Chedfest, Taunton Rugby Club.

16th May 2014                The Angel Inn, Westbury.

19th April 2014               Charlies Bar, Westbury.

12th April 2014               Golden Swan, Pewsey.  Moto

                                     Guzzi Club.

5th Apr 2014                  Red Lion, Heytesbury.

15th Mar 2014                Rose & Crown, Warminster.

8th Feb 2014                  Charlies Bar, Westbury.

22nd Nov 2013               The Angel Inn, Westbury.
9th Nov 2013                 Social Club, Dilton Marsh.
11th Oct 2013                The Foresters Arms, Melksham


Blockage - 1 Gig

July 2012                        Milestones Birthdays Gig, White

                                      Horse Country Park.

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