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Ascension Tribute - Thomas Noke
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This is a piece i was composing that i wanted to tell a story of someone passing on.


It begins conveying the intensity of death across the spectrum of emotion to then be relieved by a calm aftermath. A basic exersise in tension and release

However as i was composing this piece my grandma passed away.


This quickly came a tribute with adding more complex elements and usesing household items to set the scene along side the bell of the local church.

Bittersweet Altar - Thomas Noke
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Vindicated Dream - Thomas Noke
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High Tide - Thomas Noke
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This Is a Peice of music i made to demonstrate Foli. Believe it or not there is actually only three 'real' instruments:

A Bass

A Violin

A Tibetan Bowl

The Rest is a mix of foli and sound manipulation.

Fun Fact:

i made the drum out of lego.

Vindictive Dream - Thomas Noke
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This was something i made to put to a trailer.

I was working with a sort of Sci-Fi Horror film in mind and started from there.

I wanted ups and downs in definitive sections to reflect the films narrative.


I am happy with the outcome but feel that i would change the structure of the piece as it feels too generic too me. 

Lonely At The Alter - Thomas Noke
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This is the oldest composistion i have on this website as well as being the first piece i was proud of.


I wanted to experiment with a trick i had been taught, swapping around chords once i had wrote the melody. As you could probably guess it has become a technique i love and i like to use it whenever i can use it to add extra colour to a song.


To highlight it's use i only stuck to a four chord progression before changing the chords for some spice.

Beckoning The Open Road - Thomas Noke
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This is the piece i'm least proud of.

It was made to fit a car advert, and whilst i believe it does that, i also find the piece to be uninspiring and generic.

Knowing myself like i do, i will probably replace this once I've finished my latest peice.

Even though i could just extend the page and add it as well...

At least the background loop is good, try to find the start and finish point, i haven't met someone who hasn't spotted it within 2-3 loops.