Died, I Guess...

Nickname:                Not-A-Rodie, That-Guy-That-Hits-Stuff,

                                   Alchobone, Druggo, Skunk, Rodie, Ted.

Favourite Food:       Packaging Foam

Favourite Drink:      A1 Steak Sauce

Favourite Band:       Aqua

Favourite Quote:     "Your parents think im a punk and I can

                                      relate to their reasoning."

"Ted is hands down the best musician i have ever had the pleasure

to play with, Its been about fifteen years now and i still haven't

heard a single note. A true mavrick."

                                                 - Thomas Noke 2018

Ted has been unsucessfully teaching duck hearding for years.

He can't be reached, nor can he be stopped. If seen, please help.


Ted, As seen in:

Brakelight, The Crash Gears,  Skunk and the Gassy Badgers, Iago, Patchwork and The Lustful Killer Space Quackers.