James Leighton

Nickname:                Jim, Jimbo

Favourite Food:       Curry

Favourite Drink:      Whiskey & Ginger

Favourite Band:       The Rolling Stones

Favourite Quote:     " F#! Dont forget the F#!"

"I've actually been playing with Jim for longer than i can remember. He had played with my dad on a Blockage gig and once Iago was formed he asked to jump in on a song. We brought him in to rehearse and it turns out he pretty much already knew most of our set. I dont think we actually played a gig before asking him to join the band.


When Iago split it was Jims idea to start a Rolling Stones tribute band; from that came The Crash Gears.


He's our not so secret weapon in our arsenal. To prime, just add tequila."

                                                 - Thomas Noke 2016

Jim has been sucessfully teaching guitar for years.

He can be reached at jimbojlgdw@aol.com. I could not reccomend him more.


James Leighton, As seen in:

The Crash Gears, The Full Motely and Iago