Patrick Kirwan


Nickname:                Pat

Favourite Food:       Curry

Favourite Drink:     

Favourite Band:       The Band

Favourite Quote:     " "

Pat Kirwan cropped_edited.jpg

"I fist met Pat through Al Garrett (Drummer, The Crash Gears, 2014-2018). He is an aboslute wizard, i used to be pretty good at hiding mistakes till he turned up *laughs*.

Joking aside Pat is an incredible musician. He plays: keys, mandolin, guitar, sings, ukulele, bass ukulele and frankly probably hundreds of other instruments to boot. If there's ever a man to make me jealous, he's the guy."

                                                 - Thomas Noke 2016

Patrick Kirwan, As seen in:

The Crash Gears, Sloejam, Serendipity Sessions and Warminster Ukulele Club.