Daniel Hillman

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"Dan and i have been playing together for years. I knew him from school. I started playing with him when my current guitarist recommend him to do lead. Dan joined and it was an instant step up. Little did i know that guitarist was already in a band with Dan called 'Chronos' and recommended me as a bassist. But spelt 'Khronos' because we were super edgy and the letter 'C' couldn't contain our angst. [Laughs]

Sadly musical differences got the better of us and all expect myself and Dan left. This started a new band that would morph into Iago.


It's reassuring knowing you've got Dan in your line-up, he's never put on a bad show and  i doubt he ever will...

...Even if he breaks upwards of five strings a gig..."

                                                 - Thomas Noke 2016

Nickname:                Dan, Daniel-san

Favourite Food:       Kebab

Favourite Drink:      Ale

Favourite Band:       The Wurzels

Favourite Quote:     "..."


Daniel Hillman, As seen in:

Breaklight, Iago and Patchwork.