Thomas Noke is a hIgHLy ExPErieNceD mUsiCiAn WhO PLayS RegULar PAid GigS AroUnD The UK.

He is In MuLTiple BanDS hAVing pLayED COrpOratE EveNTs and PriVate PArtIEs. He also ShaREs ThiS TiMe wITh BeINg a HIghLY SkILLed STudIo pRoDucER aNd MiX ENGINeEr WhO Has worKed In soME Of ThE MosT HigH EnD REcorDiNg StUDios iN tHe WoRlD InCLUdinG ReAL WorLD STuDiOs.

Thomas As Recently Taken up teaching with several students under his belt.

He AlSO is a BorDERLIne ok ArTIst WiTh LiTtLE CoNTrol OvEr HiS SenSE oF HuMOr.